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Welcome to the Transportation Department for FFC8

School transportation is provided free of charge as a convenience to all eligible students. The district is not required by law to provide transportation services. Only those students assigned to a bus may ride. The Board of Education is the governing body for school transportation.

 FFC8 Transportation Department Mission Statement
“To ensure that each eligible Fountain-Fort Carson School District student is positive and ready to learn by providing safe, professional, and reliable transportation. This includes transportation to and from school, educational field trips, athletic trips and all other approved activities.”
This mission is accomplished by the following methods:
  • Employment of professional and dedicated bus drivers, bus monitors, and Fleet and office staff.
  • Superior employee training programs focused on improving and enhancing skills.
  • Routing and scheduling processes that ensure the safest and most efficient use of all resources.
  • Preventative maintenance programs that ensure buses are inspected and maintained on a   regular basis to provide the highest level of mechanical safety.
11355 Old Pueblo Road
Fountain Co. 80817
(719) 382-1335
Fax (719) 322-9428
Office Hours:  5:00 am - 5:30 pm
Schedules & Forms
 Bus Schedules
Bus schedules for each school, including bus stop locations and times.
 Exception To Ride Forms
Forms to request an exception to your childs normal assigned bus and route.
(All forms must be approved by the Transportation Supervisor before they become effective.)
 School Bus Rules and Regulations
School Bus Rules and Regulations

 Sped Forms
Key Release Letter
Special Education Information Letter
(All SPED forms must be approved by the Transportation Supervisor before they become effective.)
Late Bus
Late Bus Procedures    

Every effort is made to ensure buses arrive at the bus stops on time. The ability to meet bus schedules is becoming increasingly difficult. Buses will depart the bus barn area on time and encounter unforeseen traffic congestion, weather and road condition changes, accidents, and trains. Occasionally, a bus will be late due to a mechanical breakdown or a relief driver missing a stop or driving a bit slower so as not to miss a stop. Consideration is given to all of the above factors, but at times adjustments cannot be made to avoid lateness.

     It is always our goal to ensure safety of students. Some suggestions are provided to assist parents when buses are running late.

     Be aware that students should be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the bus. Many students miss the bus because it is assumed the bus will be late and it is running on time.

     Students need not wait longer than 20 minutes at the stop after the scheduled departure time of the bus.

     Students should be dressed appropriately for the weather.

After 20 minutes has passed and the bus has not arrived, students should be instructed to go back home and inform parents. Parents should have an alternative plan in place when the bus does not arrive. On these occasions, the student should be able to get back in to your house. Phone numbers should be accurate and available when parents are not expected to be home during those times. Arrangements for carpooling, or other transport may be a way of getting your children to school. However, it would be extremely rare for a bus not to arrive at all. Contact with the Transportation Office would provide information on the status of the bus. Students may have the opportunity to return to the stop and meet the bus at a later time. Caution: Students should never be sent back to the stop unless arrival time of the bus is confirmed.

Parents should know their child’s bus animal and stop location to assist dispatchers in identifying the correct bus. There are approximately 38 routes and 2500 students going at any given time on the morning and afternoon routes. Please be patient when trying to call the Transportation Office to get information on your child’s bus. The dispatchers will handle telephone calls as quickly as possible.

Inclement Weather
Inclement Weather Procedures

As many of you realize, the weather in Colorado can vary widely from day to day and through different parts of the Colorado Springs region. District Eight monitors the weather closely in an attempt to provide safe access to schools for students, parents and staff. Typically District Eight is either open at the regular time or completely closed.  We do want to make students and parents aware of the fact that the District also has the option of a 2 Hour Late Start. A 2 Hour Late Start may be used when a storm is passing or when additional time may be needed to prepare for students and staff arriving at their schools. Two hour late starts will be announced through the same channels as a school closure. These channels include television, radio and the district’s website. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR CLOSURES WILL LIST FOUNTAIN-FORT CARSON SCHOOL DISTRICT EIGHT AS; “DISTRICT 8”. This description is used to differentiate the school district from the closures or delays that may occur on Fort Carson.

A 2 Hour Late Start means that all bus pickup times will be moved 2 hours. So a normal pickup of 6:30 a.m. would become 8:30 a.m., etc. The District will only hold classes if it believes it is safe to do so. If parents believe the conditions are not safe it is always the parent’s option to keep students home. The absence will be excused. If you have any questions, please call the school.

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